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Moving house? Here's some handy Moving Tips

A bit of preparation during the days leading up to the day when you're moving house will go a long way towards making the day itself a whole lot less stressful ...


  • For lighter items, use a few bigger boxes rather than lots of small ones.
  • For heavy items (books etc), use sturdy smaller boxes.
  • Tape top and bottom of your boxes, no open lids please!
  • Label your boxes, mention where they have to go (‘kitchen”, “lounge” etc).
  • Fragile goods need to be padded sufficiently.
  • Mirrors, glass table tops, paintings etc need to be bubble wrapped or wrapped in blankets and secured.
  • Drain pot plants well in advance, wrap the base in plastic bags, and put them in a box.

Preparing for the move

  • Keep the entrance, hallways and interior doors clear so we can move the big stuff (beds, couches, tables, desks, appliances) out first.
  • Uncouple the dishwasher and washing machine the day before the move, and let them drain.
  • If you’re in an apartment block and everything has to be moved via lifts or stairs, please take into account that this may take quite a bit of additional time. If there is a lift, please try and reserve the lift for your move.
  • To ensure a quick and smooth move, please make sure that beds are stripped, everything is in boxes or bags, and you are done packing by the time the movers arrive.
  • Try and book a parking space close to the entrance for the truck (both at your old and new address).
  • If you’re in a complex or cluster, please check with the manager if there are any height or weight restrictions. Depending on your requirements, and any access restrictions, we'll either send a 3 tonne or 4 a tonne truck. All our trucks need a minimum height clearance of 3.5 metres.

Want to do more?

Cling wrap or bubble wrap your furniture to give it an additional layer of protection. Even though we use blankets to protect your furniture during transport, cling or bubble wrap will also protect your items during on- and offloading. For fragile items that may crack or chip, it's best to not only use bubble wrap, but to wrap them in cardboard as well.

If you have the time and want to ensure your move goes as smooth and quickly as possible, it always helps if you can dismantle and move your furniture closer to whichever exit the movers will be using, and to stack all the boxes, bags and miscellaneous items closer to the exit as well, so that when our movers arrive, all they have to is move your stuff out and load the truck.

Make sure to leave enough space for the movers to get past all these items, so don't block your doors, hallways etc.

See the photos below ...


Man With A Van's moving house tips  Man With A Van's packing tip


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