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My move is flexible.  How can I get the best rate on removals?

Moving is a month end / weekend pastime for many clients so we are in high demand!  If your moving date is flexible, please let us know, so we can offer you a cheaper rate.

Do you pack boxes and wrap my furniture?

Sorry, we don't currently offer those services. So please make sure everything is packed, wrapped, padded and ready to go by the time our Men get there.

How do you calculate the mileage?

The mileage is calculated from the moment the truck leaves our depot until its return after the move. The first 100km are covered in our standard call out fee, thereafter a surcharge of R7 per km applies.  Most moves in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria will be less than 100km.

How do I know if I will have a half day or a full day move?

Anything that is standard should take no longer than 4 hours to get you out and in on the other side.  If you’re moving just around the corner into a bachelor flat, chances are we’ll get it done in 2 hours. A two to three bedroom ground floor apartment or townhouse with all the usual appliances and furniture, couple of boxes, standard drill will normally take about 4 hours if you’re moving within the same area.  That is if we get to park right by your unit so moving your stuff in and out doesn’t take very long.  If there are stairs, long corridors or lifts, or if we have to park the truck outside of the complex and walk the distance, this will take (a lot) more time.  Longer distance moves, or moving bigger properties, with a fully loaded garage, patio and garden furniture, plus the usual suspects, will take 6 to 8 hours, or even a full day.

I live in a complex or am moving into a complex.  How can I plan a smooth move?

You firstly need to make sure the truck will be allowed into your complex.  Are there any height or weight restrictions to get into the front gate?  Is there a separate contractor’s gate that we need to use?  Are there special permits that you need to arrange for us to get in?  Yes?  We need to know before we plan your move!  

My furniture needs to be dismantled and reassembled on the other side.  Do you do this?

Yes we do.  Please advise what tools will be needed, and what furniture items need dismantling, so we can take into account the extra time needed, and bring the correct tools. If you choose to dismantle your own furniture – please make sure it is done before we arrive

Your quote says 'hands off'. Does that mean you don't provide any movers?

Quite on the contrary ... 'hands off' is from your perspective - we're hands-on, you're hands-off. In other words, the movers are included in the quote.

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"Best moving company EVER! This is how service should be!" - Candy Leigh Ruocchio

"The truck was loaded expertly and all items were handled with the utmost care and offloaded at their destination very efficiently." - MRS. S.A. KOLLER

"I have to say, what an absolute pleasure our move was thanks to Man with A Van. The guys really took great caution with all of our stuff, and made sure that nothing was damaged! My mind was at ease all the time. Great service! I will definitely reccomend the team!!Thanks guys, You ROCK!!" - Natasha Absalom Venter 

"I am still amazed at the efficiency of your service!" - Kavina Maharaj

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