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MAN WITH A VAN Furniture Removals

Need to move your household or office? 
Looking for a household or office removal company that gives you options when planning your move? 

We give you MAN WITH A VAN Furniture Removals … it’s your move, your way!


So...who is MAN WITH A VAN Movers?

MAN WITH A VAN movers is a specialised furniture removal company ideal for moving the contents of your modern, cluster style living.  We focus on smaller moves - household and office removals - in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Harties and offer you a removals plan with different pricing structures to suit your move, your schedule and your pocket!   

"Furniture Removals is our business"
- The MAN

Moving on from your folks' place, your student flat or bachelor pad? Grown out of your apartment or townhouse? Moving into or out of complex living or just from one complex situation to another? Wherever you are going – let MAN WITH A VAN take care of moving your stuff. Life is complex enough!

Man With A Van Furniture Removals

We offer you moving solutions to simplify your move in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our furniture removals VANS fits the usual suspects found in your average 2 to 3 bedroom spottie. Our VANS are 3-tonne or 4-tonne trucks, which is big enough for your move yet small and light enough to usually be allowed inside the perimeters of most complex and cluster style estates.

Only pay for what you need!

Seriously! The MAN gives you a furniture removals solution where you only pay for what you need.

Man With A Van Furniture Removals HANDS ON or HANDS OFF

Like to move it move it? Well then ladies, if you have a pretty buff boyfriend (or two), and would like to save some moola, read on as this might be an option. Guys, if you're keen for a workout and have a few mates who are happy to do some heavy lifting for a case of beers then by all means book our HANDS ON service! We'll send you a removals truck and a driver, you save some cash and you and your mates get a good workout!

Sound like waaaaaaay too much work? Give the workout a miss and book our HANDS OFF moving service. We send you a removals truck, with a driver and TWO or FOUR big strong men to lug your stuff in and out of your place. No sweat!

The MAN has a mean package! 

When you book the MAN’s furniture removals service, not only does he arrive with a smile – he also arrives in style! Whether you decide on a HANDS ON or HANDS OFF move, the MAN will always provide…

  • A 3-tonne or 4-tonne moving VAN large enough to pack in the contents of your average two or three bed pad, small enough to be allowed access to most complexes and cluster style estates. 
  • A qualified and careful code 10 driver who will help you load and unload the removals VAN. 
  • The option of adding on TWO or FOUR big strong men to help you move your stuff 
  • Blankets to protect your furniture from scuffs and scratches, ropes and straps to tie things down in the back of the removals VAN. 
  • And to help wheel the heavy stuff to and from the removals VAN, we send you some trolleys too! 
  • Once your goods are loaded, the removals VAN is locked shut and padlocked until you arrive at your destination. 

The MAN is flexible like a Russian gymnast and offers different pricing structures to suit your move. Check out our rates here or download our rate card.


Call the Man on 011 875 2365, or fill in the form top left, and let us show you our smooth moves.

Happy Customers! 


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"Best moving company EVER! This is how service should be!" - Candy Leigh Ruocchio

"The truck was loaded expertly and all items were handled with the utmost care and offloaded at their destination very efficiently." - MRS. S.A. KOLLER

"I have to say, what an absolute pleasure our move was thanks to Man with A Van. The guys really took great caution with all of our stuff, and made sure that nothing was damaged! My mind was at ease all the time. Great service! I will definitely reccomend the team!!Thanks guys, You ROCK!!" - Natasha Absalom Venter 

"I am still amazed at the efficiency of your service!" - Kavina Maharaj

Check out our MAN WITH FAN MAIL page for more testimonials, or find us on Facebook for comments, client feedback, and photos of past moves.